Monday, January 11, 2010

Pirates, Princesses and Cowboys, Oh My!

Remember when you were a kid and you would choose what you wanted to be? Sometimes it was a non-job type thing, such as a pirate or princess, which I guess, arguably, people do. I don’t know that I really consider them jobs though. Maybe you were more of a realist and chose something like doctor, architect, or writer.
I decided to poll some friends of mine and see what it is they dreamed of being when they were much younger. It was an added benefit to see how much everyone loved reminiscing about their childhood plans. I received some great answers.
Among them were actress, jockey, Wonder Woman, professional football player, veterinarian, architect, marine biologist, and my all-time favorite, stage-coach driver. My own interests were an artist or writer. Out of all the people in my informal poll, there is one person who has done the thing he most wanted to do as a kid. Even me, I’m neither a professional writer nor artist, when it comes down to it.
It’s a little tough to wield the lasso of truth into adulthood, I understand. I know our visions change, mature and grow as we do. But in some ways isn’t it wonderful to capture that pure joy and intent that you have as a child. Some of the people do things related to their dreams of long ago. For instance, they work with animals, they scuba dive in their spare time, and they write novels, blogs, etc. However, I can say that I know a real live cowboy who’s living out a boy’s dream.


  1. I wanted to be Mary Poppins...still do! I also dreamed of being an illustrator/writer and working for Disney. I'm a nurse which was a huge dream for me but it a different kind of way. I'm working on the writer dream maybe I should break out the pastels and start working on the illustrator dream too! I love pursuing my dreams no matter how big they are.

    Love your new site!

  2. I love cowboys and was certainly born in the wrong era. Congrats to him for living his dream.

    I wanted to be a psychologist. Doctor never knocked on my door, but I do work as an advocate for kids in my real life.

    Foremost, however, was the title of Mom. I have fulfilled that role--four times over.

    Love the post and hope you someday reach your dreams!

  3. When I was five I wanted to be a gypsy! Oh I couldn't wait... For Halloween I begged and pleaded to be a gypsy for the day so I could practice. It's funny because I can still remember the feeling of wearing nylons that day-- it was my first time. :)

    Needless to say I did not a grow up to be a gypsy, but I do love to travel, so maybe there's still a bit of gypsy dreaming there?

    By the way, your site is too cute! Nice job. :)


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