Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change Is Good...Right?

You know how as a writer, you're writing something, you love your little darling that you're creating and you spend time telling everyone, I'm writing a middle-grade novel, or I'm working on a YA paranormal romance? You nuture it, you love it, you bring it along until you're almost just sick of it...but you still adore it.

Then you find that it's not the genre you thought it was. For me, I was writing what I thought was a middle-grade novel. Come to find out, I've been advised that it would be better as a series of early chapter books. This is great advice for me though! Thankfully, I've learned early on not to be too attached to anything that I write. Changes are necessary. This is a change in a positive direction, at least I believe it is. I will be busy re-writing and polishing to better fit the mold of early chapter book.

Is it hard to let go of my idea of what I was writing? Maybe a bit, but change it good, right?! Has it ever been difficult for you to re-adjust your idea of the direction you were headed in or to re-make your little darling into something new?

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  1. I tend to blend my genres, so I'm never quite sure what I've got :)

    Sounds like change is good!


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