Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thanks for throwing the baton my way to play Shawna and TK Richardson and a special thanks for this lovely Sunshine Award. Check out fellow writers, Shawna Week’s blog at http://shawnawks-theforeverblog.blogspot.com/ and TK Richardson can be found at http://eveningfades.blogspot.com/  Thank you ladies!

(In no particular order)

I like ideas – they’re full of promise and something to get excited about

I like writing

I like traveling – and wish I could do more of it

I like tattoos – I have a few

I like reading Young Adult books – Gosh I’m stealing a lot of Shawna’s answers

I like movies

I like food

I like cookies

I love my family-(Again stolen from Shawna and Jemi) I love my son, brother and his family, mother, the whole bunch of ‘em

I hate MORNINGS!!! – I’m with ya’ here too Shawna

I hate the drivers who race ahead in the lane that’s going to end and then expect you to let them over – NO WAY MAN!

I hate the snow – If it were warm and came in colors, I’d be more interested

I hate repetitive noises – please stop the continuous finger tapping! ;)

I hate lying

I hate seeing my son struggle to fit in

I hate people with small minds!

Now you play!!!


  1. Fun answers!! I totally agree - especially with the last one - small minds drive me batty!! :)

  2. Great answers! And I hate seeing my kids struggle, too. Or when people are just plain mean to them. That really gets me. :(

  3. I tried before, but got booted out.

    Anyway, congrats on your tag. You deserve it. I love these awards and games because they let me get to know my cyber friends better.

    Like you, I hate seeing my kids suffer. And I really like food. A lot! Great minds think alike.


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