Thursday, April 8, 2010

And Yet...

In honor of National Poetry Month I thought I would post one of my own. Hope you enjoy.

And Yet...

There’s a sharp intake of breath when I see that you are there.

I try to keep my eyes avoiding yours.

I can’t be caught looking at you.

Your supple lips set just right.

Your chiseled jaw and those eyes,

those eyes you could just evaporate in.

If our eyes meet, will others know or begin to speculate?

Will they see the familiarity there?

Or will they just assume we have an affable friendship?

We have crossed a line.

A line that, like watercolors became faint and blurred.

The colors muted and melded to create something unrecognizable.

Something that once could have been a line, but is no more.

The kiss.

The kiss did it.

The kiss that was so full of passion,

so verboten and rife with pleasure.

I crushed under you with my hands entangled in your mane.

My back against the wall.

The wall so hard and ungiving, unlike you.

Breathless, upon its completion,

not realizing that a kiss could once again make me feel so much.

And yet, here we are, pretending to be virtual strangers.

I have shared your breath and tasted your blood.

And yet, here we are…


  1. Very intriguing poem - great emotions :) I haven't written poetry in years - I do enjoy it.

  2. This was amazing! You should make a song out of it. I see Evanescence singing it. I really connected with this poem. I'm so glad I got to read it.

  3. Jemi and OG,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I don't write as much poetry as I once used to. I do love writing some from time to time though.

  4. Hi! I popped over from Nicole's blog to say hi and congrats on your award. That is a beautiful poem - I love it! And your blog is gorgeous. :-)

  5. Gorgeous poem, Lisa! I loved the line, "The wall so hard and ungiving, unlike you."

    I have an award for you on my blog!!


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